Pre-owned school buses for sale in Pennsylvania

Are you in the state of Pennsylvania and looking for exceptional deals on pre-owned school buses? Is your school district looking to expand its bus operation? Are you a contractor or wholesaler looking for replacement buses for your fleets?

Hoekstra Transportation is a dealer serving Pennsylvania with cost-effective used Thomas Built Buses options.

Our experienced team of product experts are here to help you make the important decision of what pre-owned buses to consider when looking for something that will best fit your situation.

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Thomas School Bus in Michigan

What to expect when buying a Used School Bus

Hoekstra Transportation school bus product experts will help walk you through the process and may ask questions, such as:

  • Have you purchased school buses before?
  • When will you need the school bus(es) by?
  • What is your approval process & timeline?
  • What can our team provide that will help you have a sales conversation with your school district’s decision makers?

If you are a school district with pre-owned school bus knowledge, Hoekstra Transportation is happy to provide you options with the specific capacity and model year you are looking for.

After the sale:

  • Hoekstra Transportation may require a 5% non-refundable deposit, unless upon inspection the bus is not accepted or cannot come to terms upon inspection.
    • *The bus(es) will not be held until receipt of the deposit. 
  • Upon receipt of the deposit, Hoekstra will take the school bus(es) off the market
  • Hoekstra will update you on any changes in the mileage if changed between commitment and delivery.
  • Hoekstra Transportation will communicate along the way as date(s) of delivery are scheduled.
    • Initially, Hoekstra will provide an estimated time of delivery.
    • As the estimated delivery date approaches Hoekstra will reach out and schedule the date(s) of delivery.
  • We will ask that a sales agreement be signed at the point of acceptance and deposit. The final invoice will be due on delivery at the selling price net of deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

School District - Commonly Asked Questions:

Hoekstra Transportation will provide you with a report of specific in-service dates.

This will be provided on a report. This report will combine knowledge of in-service/warranty start date and length of the warranty. At warranty start date every bus has, at minimum, a 3-year bumper to bumper warranty and 5-year drive-train warranty. If any of the buses have any additional warranty coverage, it will be noted in the report.

For the units we have maintenance contracts with, yes. For the units we do not have contracts with, no.

Delivery is dependent on if the school bus is currently in-stock, the lease return date, when your school district needs the bus(es) by, and school year start date. The Hoekstra team can make bus recommendations based on when you will need your bus(es) by.

For an additional fee we can letter on request for our Pennsylvania customers, but will not be able to provide State Police inspections

Wholesalers - Commonly Asked Questions:

Yes – there is an additional fee associated. Hoekstra Transportation recommends looking into engine torque first, but we can increase the horsepower of the bus upon request.

Hoekstra Transportation guarantees to exceed the state minimum for brakes and tires. Brake and tire condition is available.

Yes – we can provide full specifications.

Photos are available upon request for most units.

Minitaur Thomas Built Bus

Looking for pricing on a pre-owned school bus?

*Note: if there are any alterations that need to be made to the buses additional fees may apply.

Thomas Built Buses

Looking for photos of specific school buses?

Photos are available upon request

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