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With zero-emission school buses playing an important part in improving the air we breathe yet costing 3–4x the amount of regular diesel buses, we understand that sustainability is both exciting and expensive. Thankfully, several grants, incentives, and special financing opportunities, like the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean School Bus Program, exist to help cover the initial purchase price of electric school buses.

Once you have received funds for your electric bus, what’s next in your EV journey?

1. PO Due by April 2023

Once you are awarded funding, you can issue a purchase order (PO) for your electric bus. The PO process is the same as a normal bus purchase, but the PO must be completed by April 2023. Once we receive your PO, we will place the order for your electric buses!

2. Confirm Close Out Forms

Close forms are all forms associated with the buses that are being replaced as part of this program. If your buses are 2010 or older, your school district will need to submit proof of destruction of the bus, including scrap photos of either:

  • The chassis rail being cut in half
  • Or a hole drilled in the engine block

If the buses are 2011 or newer, then you must provide proof of either scrapping or selling the bus.

This process also includes a form that must be submitted online demonstrating that you have received new buses and are eligible charging infrastructure. The close out form must be submitted within two years of the date of the selection notification. The EPA will provide specific deadline notification once funds are awarded.

Hoekstra Transportation will assist and guide awardees throughout this process.

3. Infrastructure Planning & Building

We have the right connections to help your school district with the planning and building of your electric charging infrastructure. This includes contacting your utility, getting involved in any state charger rebate programs, providing the charger and install of the charger through a third-party contractor, conducting site evaluations, charger recommendations, and more.

4. Electric Bus Choice

What makes the Saf-T-Liner C2 Jouley electric school bus different from other electric school buses in the market? First, it is built on the Saf-T-Liner C2 chassis to deliver all the driver comfort, ease of maintenance, and exceptional durability that you’d expect from a Thomas Built bus. Proterra, a leading manufacturer of electric battery and drivetrain solutions, powers the Jouley with its battery providing excellent operating range of 100-138 miles. And, the Jouley has been rigorously tested to ensure they exceed industry standards for high voltage and functional safety, cold weather performance, reliability, and durability.

5. Bus Replacement Decision

School districts have three options for buses that are 2011 or newer to be replaced – sell, scrap, or donate buses. All require documentation that the EPA will determine once funds are awarded. We’re ready to help ensure this process goes smoothly no matter which option you choose.

6. Driver & Mechanic Education

We offer driver and mechanic training on electric buses. We’ll provide initial training and then schedule follow-ups as the drivers and mechanics begin operating your electric buses. Training will also include a review on how to increase vehicle/battery efficiency through data analysis.

Our dedicated EV Team will help you make the best choice for your school’s needs. From our dealership capabilities to connecting you with our industry partners, our team will help you manage all aspects of the electrification process. We are experts in safety and battery operations with proven success in the EV industry.