At Hoekstra Transportation, we ensure that our school buses provide drivers and students the most comfortable and safe experience every single day. As a Platinum Support Thomas Dealer, we are committed to serving your transportation department’s specific needs.

Traditional & Alternative Fuels

Hoekstra Transportation offers several solutions that help our customers overcome the challenges of reducing emissions, lowering operating costs and decreasing reliance upon fluctuating fuel prices.

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Seamless Financing

  • Alternative fuel leasing options
  • Fleet maintenance options
  • Negotiable and adjustable leasing contracts for your convenience
Financing Options

Leasing Agreements

  • Full-maintenance leasing plans
  • Predictable and fixed costs
  • Eliminates fleet downtime
Leasing Solutions

Platinum Support Dealer

Our sales and technician teams are wholly focused on supporting your transportation requirements. Hoekstra has been a leader in the transportation industry for more than 90 years and is a recognized Thomas Platinum Support Dealer. You’ll notice the benefits of this status through:

  • Product Knowledge – Hoekstra’s sales consultants and technicians are extremely knowledgeable about Thomas Built products and their available customizations, including what will work for your specific challenges.
  • Customer Service – No more long holds, long lines, odd hours. We cater to your schedule.
  • Maintenance & Repairs – With comprehensive service packages available, we’ll keep your fleet fine-tuned and optimized for service.
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Hoekstra Transportation – The leader in clean diesel school bus transportation

At Hoekstra Transportation, we take great pride in the products we sell, and that is why we only sell clean, ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) school buses. The technological improvements in diesel-powered engines have come a long way since 1988, reducing particulate matter (PM) and hydrocarbon (EC) emissions. With near-zero emissions, the choice to move to the new high-tech diesel solution is an easy one. It is a clear leader through the combination of fuel safety, energy efficiency, reliability, durability, operational cost, and acquisition cost.

While 94% of school buses in the United States are diesel-powered, only about 46% rely on the near-zero emission diesel engine technology. With around 550,000 school buses in America, that means that about 275,000 buses could reduce emissions by upgrading to the new technological advancements brought to you by Hoekstra Transportation. In addition to lower emissions, new school buses are also safer, with enhanced driver visibility and advanced warning systems, ensuring that children make it to school this fall safely and on time.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean School Bus USA” initiative is also encouraging bus owners to retrofit old school buses with newer diesel engines. Contact Hoekstra Transportation today with any questions you may have about this process and the economic incentives available to you for upgrading to a cleaner, safer school bus while saving money on operation.

Available Models

Hoekstra’s long-term relationship with Thomas Built Buses means we can order and customize each model for your specific needs. Not sure what you’re looking for? Check out our available models below to help narrow down the list.

The Saf-T-Liner C2®

  • 35 to 81 passengers
  • 25% improved visibility over typical Type C bus
  • Simple serviceability
  • CNG, Propane, and fully-electric models available

The Saf-T-Liner® EFX School Bus

  • Up to 90 passengers
  • Maximum visibility windshield
  • Meets or exceeds FMVSS

The Saf-T-Liner® HDX School Bus

  • Three engine options
  • Up to 90 passengers
  • Loading zone visibility
  • Integrated mirrors
  • CNG fuel option available

The Minotour®

  • Up to 30 passengers
  • Ergonomic driver controls
  • Backup camera
  • Ford & GM gas engine types available

The Minotour MFSAB Childcare

  • Up to 30 passengers
  • Built like a full-size school bus
  • Flexible options for youth groups, senior centers, and more
  • Zero emissions
  • Innovative vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capabilities
  • State-of-the-art safety technology
  • DC fast charging
  • Excellent operating range: 138 miles

Fleet & Leasing Solutions

We offer the best in “Turn-Key” solutions for your school’s transportation equipment needs with our full-maintenance lease plans.


Alternative Fuel Choices

Hoekstra Transportation offers several solutions that help our customers overcome the challenges of reducing emissions, lowering operating costs and decreasing reliance upon fluctuating fuel prices.



We take your success personally, which means keeping your fleet functional and fine-tuned is our priority. We accomplish this through a variety of service models including as-needed and managed services – or even mobile service technicians.


Ready To Customize Your School Bus Or Fleet?

When you need us, we’re here. Partner with Hoekstra Transportation for a consultative approach to purchasing your new or pre-owned school buses, fit to your district’s needs. We’ll guide you through the most frequently asked questions, customization options, as well as leasing and fleet solutions to help you make the most informed choice.